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New Features in Dialogic® MSP 10.4.0 Software Release Includes Support for Video Pass Through and Media Redundancy

May 17, 2010 - Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic"), a global provider of world-class products and technologies for multimedia and signal processing, today announced the newest software release - MSP Release 10.4.0 - for its Dialogic® MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform, a flexible, high-density voice services platform with integrated signaling capabilities. With this latest release, the MSP 1010 now supports streaming video and modem traffic transparently, usable for services such as banking terminals, video conferences devices, and as part of lawful intercept solutions in pass through "clearmode" implemented in adherence to RFC 4040. The 10.4.0 Software Release also supports media redundancy, in addition to the MSP 1010's signaling redundancy, providing higher availability for all media streams, helping to avoid live service interruptions.

The MSP 1010 can serve as a single development environment for both media processing and signaling traffic. This versatility allows the development of many types of revenue-generating services quickly for both legacy and next-generation networks. The MSP 1010 is also suitable for deployment in TDM, IP, and converged networks as a service node, intelligent peripheral, and application server. It supports bearer redundancy for solutions that require high availability and minimum service downtime and it can be used for a wide range of applications such as Call Centers, Directory Assistant, conferencing solutions, Color Ring-Back Tones, IVR, emergency notification solutions and SS7 monitoring-based applications such as welcome roamer, missed call alert services, optimal routing, network billing solutions and network performance monitoring tools - reducing the number of different platforms a service provider has to support.

This latest release, MSP 10.4.0, provides support of a transparent relay of 64kb/s for non-voice services such as video conferences and surveillance solutions. It also improves on the SS7 offering of the MSP 1010 with increased SS7 monitoring capabilities for lawful intercept solutions and fraud detection, and supports Alias Point Code for load sharing of traffic in SS7 networks. Additionally, Release 10.4.0 supports playback files via HTTP protocol and enables a direct connectivity with web servers.

In addition to the software release, Dialogic announces the availability of new MSP 1010 hardware that complies with the RoHS directives, allowing deployments in the EU markets and in countries which adapted those directives.

Dialogic Announces New High Availability and Video Features for the Dialogic MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform

By BlueAlly
May 26, 2010