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Dialogic ControlSwitch System
Transform Your Network into a Powerful Service Delivery Machine

Dialogic ControlSwitch System

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ControlSwitch System
Dialogic ControlSwitch System
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The Dialogic ControlSwitch System is an IP softswitch that provides a smooth migration path from existing TDM voice networks to the Next Generation Network/IP Multimedia Subsystem (NGN/ IMS) by enabling the interconnection of a mix of traditional and IP-based voice networks. The ControlSwitch System is built around an advanced modular, programmable, distributed, highly scalable, and high availability architecture with open interfaces to media devices, application servers, and back office systems.

The ControlSwitch System is designed for cost-effective scalability and configuration flexibility, with open interfaces and interoperability at all layers to allow service providers to create a comprehensive solution portfolio. The ControlSwitch System can smoothly integrate with a service provider’s existing back office and Operational Support (OS) Systems and includes built-in real-time service level assurance and revenue protection mechanisms.

Dialogic can show you how to gain your competitive edge and shed yourself of the limitations of your end-of-life TDM or softswitch technology. Transform your switching infrastructure into a powerful service delivery machine with the ControlSwitch System softswitch.

The ControlSwitch System is an open, carrier class platform that delivers the features service providers demand like
  • Multi-protocol connectivity
  • Distributed architecture and true geographic redundancy
  • Centralized management and policy based routing
  • Interoperability with other vendors’ media gateway platforms
  • Extensive reporting and troubleshooting tools
  • Cost-effective scalability without the need for a forklift upgrade

Combine the intelligent call control features of the ControlSwitch System with the industry leading I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways and you can start taking advantage of significant bandwidth savings, in some cases up to 93%, as you modernize your global IP network.

Transform Your Legacy Switching Infrastructure

Service providers around the globe have deployed the ControlSwitch System to replace their aging and end-of-life legacy softswitch or TDM switching infrastructure. The ControlSwitch System Class 4 softswitch scales from a few thousand ports to networks with over one million ports expanding as your demand grows and eliminating the concern of having to undergo costly forklift upgrades like some other vendor approaches. And since it is an open softswitch solution, the ControlSwitch System is field proven to work with an array of other vendors' media gateways such as from Cisco or AudioCodes to help operators leverage their existing legacy investment.

The ControlSwitch System includes Diameter protocol support for charging and postpaid applications as well as support for CAMEL protocol based services such as mobile number portability. The operationally friendly platform makes it easier to centrally manage multiple ControlSwitch System instances across the globe and reduces the time and effort to update even the most complex routing tables. Reduced footprint configurations for the ControlSwitch System gives service providers with more modest initial traffic requirements, a future-ready, cost-effective, carrier-class switching platform with advanced features to help differentiate their VoIP offerings.

Service providers have the flexibility to architect their network with true geographic diversity. That means high availability and disaster recovery as well as increased operational efficiency since you can manage your Class 4 infrastructure as a single entity.

Moving to Packet-Based Technologies While Leveraging Circuit-Switched Voice Networks

Service providers face a complex set of challenges. Worldwide deregulation has increased the level of competition, forcing service providers to find new approaches to attract and retain profitable customers.

The new competitive environment and the rise of new modes of internet communication have reduced the profitability potential of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). To compete, service providers must overcome the technical and financial hurdles of moving to increasingly efficient packet-based technologies and services while still leveraging existing circuit-switched voice networks.

In an environment replete with vendors offering proprietary vertical solutions, Dialogic provides open and interoperable solutions consistent with the intent of various standards bodies including the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and other proponents of distributed architecture principles and systems concepts.

Handling Packet Protocols

In order to maintain a competitive edge via reduced costs and increased service revenue, carriers around the world are looking to transition their current legacy voice services to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This migration calls for an innovative, open-standards packet-switched network that is flexible and can enable rapid deployment of new revenue generating services while reducing operating costs. The ControlSwitch System is well-suited to achieve this, and more.

The ability of the ControlSwitch System to mediate between various packet protocols (such as MGCP, H.323, SIP, and H.248) and global PSTN signaling protocols (SS7, PRI, CAS R1/R2) and variants gives service providers the flexibility to fully utilize existing resources and deliver a wide variety of enhanced services via any type of network. Additionally, the ControlSwitch System provides a cost effective migration strategy that leverages existing service investment and provides a clear path to an all-IP based IMS network.

A Multi-Tiered Reference Model with a Single Point of Management

The ControlSwitch System provides an unparalleled solution set for meeting the requirements of the next-generation multi-tiered reference model. The ControlSwitch System design allows for high scalability in granular increments — yielding an optimized solution for both initial and large-scale deployments. For instance, service providers can choose to centralize system management, billing subsystem, service logic, and routing, and distribute call control and signaling to various regional centers. In this way, an additional investment to support traffic growth is aligned with revenue growth without confronting scalability limits.

Regardless of the distribution of ControlSwitch System elements across multiple locations, Dialogic provides a single point of management for configuration, provisioning, and system monitoring, including real-time alarms, performance statistics, and traffic reports. In addition, the ControlSwitch System provides a single view of Call Detail Records (CDR) and provides end-to-end call tracing as an invaluable troubleshooting tool.

Various elements of the ControlSwitch System can be distributed geographically for scaling and redundancy — a primary element may be located in a city and can be backed up by the secondary element located in a different switching center even in a different city


Dialogic Products
ControlSwitch System
Dialogic ControlSwitch System
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