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Dialogic Support Plans & Options

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Global Technical Support Programs

Organizations today require Essential Information Protection

Dialogic Technical Support strives to be the technical advocates for Dialogic customers across all platforms and integrations. Our mission is to make Dialogic as well known for its technical service as it is for global leadership in providing Web, messaging and data security solutions.

Dialogic security solutions are backed by a worldwide team of highly trained and experienced technical support engineers. With operations around the globe, Dialogic Global Technical Support provides organizations with the services required to manage the risks of dynamic Web 2.0 applications, helps ensure safe and productive use of the Internet, and provides essential protection for critical systems and information.

We offer three global support offerings—Dialogic StandardDialogic Premium and Dialogic Mission Critical Support to help you maximize your investment with Dialogic.

Dialogic Global Technical Support Program Standard Support Premium Support Mission Critical Support
Knowledge Base Articles
Dialogic Security Alert Notifications
Secure Portal (
Product Documentation
Downloadable Software, Upgrades, Updates and Patches
Online Case Submission & Status
Telephone Access to Technical Support Engineers Business Hours Monday - Friday* Around the Clock 24x7 Around the Clock 24x7
Technical Account Manager (TAM)    
Strategic Support Plan    
Architecture Review    
Migration Planning Assistance    
Training Recommendations    
Periodic Account Reviews    
Severity One Technical Response Time 1 Hour 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Availability Global Global N. America, ANZ and UK

*Please refer to for business hours for your region.

Dialogic Standard Support:

Included with every Dialogic subscription, Dialogic Standard Support provides unlimited access to the Dialogic KnowledgeBase and MyDialogic, our secure Web portal, as well as phone and email access to technical support engineers during normal business hours Monday through Friday to help troubleshoot problems and mitigate issues. You can submit new cases and manage status, take advantage of the latest security features and download software, upgrades, updates and patches, as well as review Dialogic product documentation, any time. Dialogic Standard Support helps small- to mid-size businesses that do not require additional support outside business hours to protect their business and get the most out of their investment with Dialogic.

Dialogic Premium Support:

Your business doesn’t stop for weekends or holidays and neither do we. With global facilities and highly trained technical support engineers, Premium Support delivers all the benefits of Standard Support— around the clock. With exclusive, unlimited access to a toll-free number, you can be assured your most pressing and difficult questions regarding Dialogic installation, configuration or software issues will be answered 24 x 7. Dialogic global, “follow-the-sun” support centers and target–one-hour response times for severity-one issues ensure you receive priority when you call. Designed for all customers with 24-hour operations, Premium Support ensures that your systems are always up and running and that your investment and your essential information are protected, around the clock.

Dialogic Mission Critical Support:

For large organizations that require secure, continuous protection from external threats and internal leaks, Dialogic offers Mission Critical Support, our highest level of service. Mission Critical Support combines all the benefits of Premium Support (24 x 7) with superior technical response coordinated by a highly proactive technical account manager (TAM). A TAM is assigned to your account and works closely with your organization to ensure the highest performance, reliability and availability of your Dialogic solutions. Your TAM takes the time to understand your complex environment in order to provide strategic support planning to help mitigate security risks, resolve issues quickly and minimize downtime for your critical systems. Mission Critical Support includes architecture reviews, migration planning assistance, training recommendations and periodic account reviews to keep your business running and ensure you can leverage the power of integrated Web, messaging and data security solutions. With Mission Critical Support you are guaranteed the fastest path to resolving your most pressing support issues with expedited call handling, ahead of other customers. With unlimited 24 x 7 access to senior technical support engineers and product specialists, Mission Critical Support provides personalized and essential protection for your critical applications to help you maximize your ROI with Dialogic.

Technical Account Manager Benefits: